B2B marketing and sales are changing rapidly. It is time to let go of the "business as usual" mindset and revolutionize the way you approach the customer experience. Your buyer's needs are evolving every day and they expect you to keep pace with their ever-changing demands.

We have put together a rockstar cast of game-changing thought leaders and practitioners in B2B marketing and sales. They wake up every day ready to challenge the status quo and deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.

They want to help you do the same by delivering a full day of powerful sessions designed to deliver real-world insights and strategies that will empower you to challenge the status quo within your own organization.

Join us as we transform the way the world thinks about B2B marketing and sales in true ATL style!

Meagen Eisenberg
CMO, MongoDB

David Raab
Analyst, Raab Associates

Allen Gannett
CEO, TrackMaven

Joseph Jaffe
Author, "Flip The Funnel"

Alex Turner
Head of Inside Sales, PeopleLinx

Brad Gillespie
Head of Global Marketing, SiriusDecisions

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70% to 80% of the buyer journey is complete prior to engaging a sales rep. 


90% of B2B buyers say when they are ready to buy, they will find you. 

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92% of B2B marketers worldwide said account-based marketing was extremely important to their marketing efforts. 


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Sangram Vajre
#FlipMyFunnel Host

Kyle Porter
CEO, SalesLoft

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Meagen is a transformational CMO with experience in global business ranging from startups to mid-market to Fortune 500 companies.

David is a widely-recognized expert in marketing technology. He has over 27 years of experience in the industry and a wealth of fascinating insights to share.

Joseph is the author of "Flip The Funnel" and CEO of Evol8tion. His experience includes consulting brands such as Coke, General Motors and Target.

Allen is a serial entereprenuer and, most recently, the CEO of Trackmaven. He is passionate about helping marketers use data to make smarter business decisions.

Kyle Porter is a nationally-recognized thought leader who is passionate about spreading the gospel of sales development best practices.

Brad is a global marketing powerhouse focusing on the customer & revenue-facing functions of Sales, Marketing & Product. 

Alex is a two-time recipient of the Top 25 Most Influential Professionals Award in Inside Sales. He has extensive experience building, developing and leading Inside Sales teams.

Sangram is co-founder and CMO of Terminus. He is a passionate Marketing geek at heart and loves to solve problems, both analytically and creatively.

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What is #FlipMyFunnel?

1. Identify - First, we need to find our best-fit customers. That might seem like a daunting task, but trust me, it’s not as hard as you think. There are plenty of amazing technologies out there today — like SalesLoftData.com from Salesforce,RingLeadLinkedIn Navigator, and a few others — that easily allow us to identify a list of companies that fit our best-fit customer criteria. This becomes our target list of companies and roles that we want to get our message in front of. Why start anywhere else?

2. Expand: This is a tough one because most marketers are so stuck in the lead-based marketing world that it’s not quite clear how we can expand our reach to people and influencers in our target list of companies. In full disclosure, I am the co-founder and CMO of Terminus, which specializes in the account-based marketing space and helps marketers target influencers within the accounts they would like to reach. But there are other companies like Demandbase that are making this possible for marketers today. LeanDataInc is taking a completely new approach and makes it possible within Salesforce CRM to pull everything under accounts allowing you to start account-based selling.

3. Engage: This is where content and channels come to life. Think about email, webinars, e-books, targeted ads, videos, events, and any programmatic or automated ways you use to get in front of your target audience (yes, your targetaudience, not just anyone and everyone in the ecosphere like the traditional funnel). This is typically the first step in the traditional funnel and how most marketers operate.

This step is by far the broadest since there are so many ways to engage your prospects. Used most predominantly are Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) and account-based marketing, which Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director at SiriusDecisions, has indicated is the next big thing. Scott Brinker stated the following in his recent post: "Companies like Demandbase and Bizo (acquired by LinkedIn and synthesized into LinkedIn Business Solutions) were some of the martech pioneers to power account-based marketing practices, but a new generation of startups has recently appeared, including Engagio (founded by Jon Miller, previously the co-founder of Marketo) and Terminus (funded by one of the co-founders of Pardot)."

4. Advocate: Turning your customers into raving fans is one of the most underutilized strategies of all time in today's marketing, despite the fact that retaining current customers is far cheaper than bringing in new ones. Most marketing teams have ZERO budget to spend on existing customers (yes, zero). In the so-called modern era of revenue marketing, the revenue is only looked at from a new customer perspective and not from existing customer base, which is by far the greatest opportunity to drive demand and buzz around your own products. Salesforce does this beautifully with events like Dreamforce and the Salesforce One Tour all around the world, but you can also turn customers into advocates using tools like Influitive.

So there you have it — a way to start thinking about building a true "customer experience" stack (or as I like to call it, the #FlipMyFunnel revolution), and a few recommendations for each step in the new and improved funnel.

Megan Heuer
VP and Group Director, SiriusDecisions

Megan is Group Director at SiriusDecisions and focused on data-driven marketing, marketing operations and account-based marketing strategies. 

Jill Rowley
Queen of Social Selling

Jill knows how to reach an audience like no other and is on a mission to evagelize the world of social selling. She is also advisor to several prominent SaaS Startups.

Event Host

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Adam New-Waterson
 CMO, LeanData

Adam lives and breathes marketing technology. His passion is account-based marketing and is currently the CMO of LeanData.



8:00 am

Registration and Networking

8:45 am


9:00 am

What the heck is #FlipMyFunnel?

Sangram Vajre, CMO at Terminus

9:30 am

Flip The Funnel

Joseph Jaffe, Author of "Flip The Funnel"

10:15 am

Account-Based Marketing: What's Next For The Winning Mix of Technology, Analytics and Common-Sense?

Megan Heuer, VP and Group Director at SiriusDecisions

10:45 am


11:05 pm

Predictive Content Marketing

Allen Gannett, CEO at Trackmaven

11:35 am

Stop Selling Like It's 1999

Jill Rowley, Queen of #SocialSelling

12:05 pm

Cut the Bullshit Panel: Social Selling

Jacqui Chew (Moderator), CEO at iFusion Marketing

Jeffrey Rohrs, CMO at Yext

Alex Turner, Head of Inside Sales at PeopleLinx

Devon Wijesinghe, CEO at Insightpool

12:35 pm


1:20 pm

Afternoon Kickoff

1:35 pm

What's My Stack: How to Win at MarTech Jenga

David Raab, Analyst at Raab Associates

2:20 pm

Marketing Technology Transformation Across The Funnel

Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB

3:00 pm


3:20 pm

Revenue Hacks for Hustlers

Kyle Porter, CEO at SalesLoft

3:50 pm

Cut the Bullshit Panel: Account-Based Marketing

Scott Vaughan (Moderator), CMO at Integrate;

Brad Gillespie, Head of Global Marketing at SiriusDecisions

Sean Zinsmeister, Director of Product Marketing at Infer

Dave Rigotti, Director of Marketing at Bizible

Adam New-Waterson, CMO at LeanData

4:20 pm

Event Closing

Sangram Vajre, CMO at Terminus

4:30 pm

#FlipMyFunnel Happy Hour


Scott Vaughan
 CMO, Integrate

Scott Vaughan is CMO of Integrate. Working with Marketing organizations, he leads Integrate's go-to-market, customer and marketing strategy and rock star Customer Success team.  

Dave Rigotti
Director of Marketing, Bizible

Dave leads a team that is laser-focused on growing revenue for Bizible. I'm super passionate about online marketing (search and social), along with entrepreneurship.

Jeffrey Rohrs
CMO, Yext

Jeffrey serves as Chief Marketing Officer of Yext.  Prior to his current role, Jeff was the VP of Marketing Insights for Salesforce, and a two-time award winning author.


Media Partners

Jacqui Chew
CEO, iFusion

Jacqui is CEO of iFusion, a consultancy that helps tech companies connect and engage with their customers, partners and investors.

Devon Wijesinghe
CEO, Insightpool

Devon is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor. He is CEO and founding team member of Insightpool, one of the fastest growing social software companies in the nation. 

Sean Zinsmeister
Director of Product Marketing, Infer Inc.

Sean is an awesome full-stack marketer charged with leading product marketing at Infer.